Can I party and Still have abs?-Booze and fitness

Drinking and abs

Can I party and still have abs?!

Well Getting abs doesn’t happen overnight. You will have to spend a lot of time in the gym, lifting weights, doing aerobics, and generally staying active. A good diet will also help you achieve the six packs that everyone dreams of having.

Well, is it difficult to maintain your abs? The truth is that maintaining abs can be more difficult than getting them in the first place. Unhealthy drinking can be bad for your health. It mostly causes the formation of unwanted fats around the abdomen. This is why people trying to lose weight are advised not to take alcohol.

You could be asking yourself, Can I party and still have abs? Oh yes, you can. However, you will have to take certain precautions and not just drink carelessly.

Alcohol affects on fitness

So, how does drinking affect fitness?

Drinking is not that bad. However, excessive and careless drinking can really put your life at risk. Maintaining an amazing physique needs you to cut down on alcohol consumption. This is how drinking can affect fitness:

• It causes weight gain Alcoholic and fizzy drinks contain a lot of calories which can contribute to adding weight. Most of the excess weight is stored around the abdomen and other body parts in the form of fats. These fats are not healthy for your body. Read more on this here

• It affects your athletic ability – Alcohol basically tampers with your brain’s reaction time, hand-eye coordination, and balance. You won’t be able to perform well in athletics.

• It causes dehydration – Alcohol is a diuretic which can make you lose a lot of water through frequent urination. When dehydrated, your body produces a lot of lactic acid which increases fatigue during workouts.

It reduces the growth of muscles – Proteins are body-building foods which you greatly need to maintain good muscles. However, alcohol interferes with protein synthesis, which means no muscles will grow as expected. In addition, it increases cortisol hormone levels which destroy muscles.

What drinks are bad for your six-pack abs?

If you are a drink lover but you want to maintain your six-pack abs, then you aren’t lucky. You just have to let go of some drinks. This may sound like bad news. However, check the other side of the coin and you will notice some good news.

There are drinks you can cut your consumption quantity on. For others, you will just have to stop taking them completely.

Bad drinks for fitness

Now, what drinks should you avoid? Check this out:

• Vodka – This drink has the highest content of alcohol. About 40-95% of it is alcohol. One ounce of vodka contains about 64 calories. Drinking several ounces’ means you will take in a lot of calories which will be converted into fats and stored in your belly. This is the surest way of ruining your six-pack abs.

• Gin – It has between 36 and 50 percent alcohol. It also contains 64 calories of energy. Drinking gin may add a lot of calories to your body which may be stored as fats.

• Rum – It also has an alcohol percentage of between 36% and 50%.

• Whiskey – Similar to Rum and Gin, whiskey has a 36-50% content of alcohol.

• Tequila – It has an alcoholic content of 50-51%.

Wine and beer- These drinks contain 14-24% and 4-8% content of alcohol respectively.

Hard liquor which contains a higher percentage of alcohol carries lots of calories. Drinking them regularly can cause a lot of weight gain. This translates to the storage of unwanted fats in your belly and other regions of your body.

If you want to maintain your six-pack abs, you better minimize your intake of these drinks or just avoid them completely.

Six pack and partying

Can I party and still have abs?

Craving for a drink but worried about your abs? Well, there are moments when you can’t just help but grab a drink or two. College party times are the best for having drinks. These are times when you have fun and create incredible memories. You don’t want to miss such moments, do you?

an I party and still have abs’ is a question many people ask. Are you curious to know the answer? Here it goes. You can party and drink all night long and still maintain your awesome physique.

How is this possible? Check this out:

• Limit your partying time – What if you reduced your drinking days to one night per week? This way, you will still enjoy your drinks and avoid intake of excess calories that may convert into fats and cover your six-pack abs.

• Eat low-carbohydrate foods – As much as alcohol contributes to weight gain, a bad diet must be involved too. If you drink and eat low-carbohydrate foods, the calories you take in will just be enough for your body functioning. There will be no excess to be stored as fats. Check this article on some low-calorie soups!

• Take in few drinks – Since hard liquor has lots of calories, what if you limit yourself to just taking a few of them? Say, take at most two bottles per two days. This will help you control your calorie intake, hence maintaining your abs.

• Keep working out – Drinking adds more calories to your body. However, working out burns them, hence the equation is balanced. Hitting the gym regularly will help you maintain your six-pack abs even if you grab a few drinks once in a while. Working out also promotes fitness and good health. Make sure you drink a lot of water to stay hydrated. This will reduce your chances of fatigue during exercise.

• Take low-calorie drinks – Did you know that you can actually take an alcoholic drink with just few calories in it? Well, there are awesome recipes that you can use to prepare the drinks. These are some low-calorie cocktail drinks that you can have:

Silver tequila mixed with soda and lime juice.

Vodka soda and orange juice

Market berry cocktails

Whiskey and diet coke

These drinks do not have as many calories as hard liquor. Taking them will give you a moment of enjoyment without ruining your six-pack abs. There are many more cocktail drinks you can take.


Six pack abs are precious. However, drinks are precious too. The real deal is to balance between these two. Make sure you drink moderately and also work out moderately. This will help maintain your amazing shape for as long as you like.


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