The exercise that burns most calories-Burn calories like a boss!

Alright, Let’s talk about the exercise that burns most calories! Is it jogging? cycling? Having sex?The exercise that burns the most calories

Nope! so? any idea? It is swimming! of course, it depends on the intensity of your workout but swimming is considered a huge game changer when it comes to thinking about the exercise that burns most calories.

Swimming fast pace is considered to burn about 610 calories and swimming in a laid back pace around 360 per hour.

So as you see it is quite efficient as we the numbers above to consider swimming once in a while and that’s why it is the exercise that burns most calories.

Now Let’s begin with some swimming exercises that are easy and calorie efficient to do:

1. Planks: Or Let’s say water planks!Kids can exercise in the pool too!

Most people who have been to the gym or just simply know a couple of body core exercises have heard of planks.

Planks are great for building a strong core but you can also do it in the pool! The water factor in the pool will make a challenge on your core and will push your body to burn more calories.

How to do water planks: Have something on the water that floats(For example a noodle or a water log) and holding it in a vertical position on both hands. Press it downwards in the water and try bringing your body to a stable incline position.

Keep it for 1 minute.

2. Water current cardio: the ultimate jogging!

This exercise is quite similar to normal jogging, though it is more calorie burning and also harder on the core.

The goal of this exercise is to make currents in the water and run through them, in this way you will strengthen your core.

How to do water current cardio: Start running from one side of the pool, keeping the body in a vertical line(legs, shoulders, ears in a vertical line) so you push your abs and core to keep you straight. Run in diagonal pattern towards the other side of the pool. Now start running through the diagonal patterns that you made and keep it for 2 to 3-minute intervals.

3.Body balance(one leg): Core pressurethe exercise that burns most calories

In this exercise, you will be keeping your whole body balance on one leg. This will put lots of pressure to your core and also legs to keep the balance and it is not as dangerous as it is if you wanna do it outside of the pool!

How to do body balance: Have the water in the height of your waist, Then lift your right leg on something stable that is floating on the water(for example pool noodle). keep your hands aside yours and try balancing with your left foot. Keep this for a minute then switch legs.

4.Kickboard exercises: Let’s focus on those legs!

Kickboard is a great tool to focus on your legs. As you may know, exercising big muscles in the body will result in burning more calories and that’s why this is The exercise that burns most calories.

Your legs have the most amount of muscles in them and training them is good to burn calories.

During swimming usually, people forget to use their legs to kick as they focus a lot on their arms and that’s why you will focus more on legs if you’re using a kickboard.

Check out this tutorial on how to use a kickboard.

5.HIIT exercise: High-intensity interval training

Let’s talk about HIIT first, HIIT is interspersed short periods of anaerobic training followed by less intense recovery.

Studies on HIIT training show fat reduction in the whole body and therefore plays a significant role in weight loss workout plans.HIIT exercise for burning calories

We can integrate HIIT in swimming exercises by simply alternating between fast-paced swimming laps followed by slow paced ones until too exhausted to continue.

-Easy does it!

integrating pool workouts in your daily workout plans is beneficial. especially for people who are just starting their weight loss journey. Swimming, if it is done accurately, is the exercise that burns most calories.

A common problem for people who are just starting with the gym is the difficulty of performing some workouts.

For example, Planks can be a hard one for the beginners to start with. as mentioned above you can perform planks in water with less difficulty to ready up your body with some gym planks later!

-“Blue mind science” being in the water is healthy!Calmness in swimming while burning calories

Blue mind science shows that being in water or even around water washes away stress and anxiety.

Being in water decreases muscle tension, joint stress and also helps to keep you hydrated.


Check out this video more on “blue mind” Science:

Here was some description of the exercise that burns the most calories. Hope you guys like it and please check out my other blog about some good weight loss apps as well!

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Best weight loss apps for women-trainer in your smartphones?

Weight loss apps for apples!

Using Weight loss apps can be an amazing way for you who want to try new workouts, keep track of your calorie intake during the day and lots of great other functions.

In this article we gonna be talking about some of the best weight loss apps for women and how they work.

Sometimes it is not easy with all the life chores to keep track of all the aspects of our weight loss journey. Because of this people become sloppy after a while and it becomes hard to keep their healthy habits.

I recommend using these apps to help yourself achieve your lifelong goal of having a healthy and fit body:

1. MyFitnessPal, a great calorie counter weight loss app!

One of the most important parts of the weight loss journey is counting the calories you consume daily.

In MyFittnessPal Simply you can scan the bar code of around 5 million different foods and get the nutrients and the calories.

You can also add all the food you have consumed daily and be able to control the calorie intake.

You can also find healthy recipes from other members on the app which can spice up your kitchen!

Great weight loss apps for women

2. Fitbit, keep track of your physical activity!

Fitbit is a great weight loss app for women as it records your daily physicals activity, for example, walking or jogging.

I personally really like this app because of the way the creators made it really creative. You can communicate with your friends on the app and see how active they have been during the day and also challenge them and get awards. The community base is quite big with around 25 million active users daily!

The app also keeps information about your sleeping habits, weight loss goals and other significant info which is quite helpful.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you want to use all the features of this app(heartbeat monitor and etc) you need to purchase their device which can be a bit costly, though it is worth the money with all the features that will come in handy for you in your weight loss journey as it will give you the tools to control your daily routines.

women fit bodies

3. Weight watchers, proven weight loss app and program!

Weight watchers started their career in the ’60s. Most people who have heard of losing weight plans, most probably have heard of Weight Watchers as well.

Weight Watchers offer many kinds of services from their strong and helpful weight loss app to 1 on 1 coaching throughout the US. This program is not only about weight loss, but it is also about overall health.

Weight watchers have one of the best weight loss apps for women. In their app as a member you can connect to many other members who have the same goals as you, also you have access to hundreds of great recipes.

You can log all your food intake in the app and check how healthy you have been eating. You can easily enter foods with bar code system that the app has, the app is quite user-friendly as well and easy to navigate. This program is recommended especially those who are just starting their weight loss journey and need daily support.

Weight loss apps and trainings for women

4. Sparkpeople, The nutrition database

Sparkpeople is a good app to use when trying to find the nutrition of the foods you eat during the day. The app is praised for its great database of nutrition which is around 3 million food items.

The app also contains various training demos which will help enhance your workout efficiency.

You can also log in your daily food intake using the bar code scanner.

The app is free to use. one of the downsides of it can be that sparkpeople provides much information sometimes that can be overwhelming especially for people who are at the beginning of their journey.


This was a short description of best weight loss apps for women that I think these will definitely enhance your approach and help you stay on track. UsePush!! them wisely as I do believe it is essential in our lives to take advantage of the great technology we have and keep on rockin!!

Thank you for your time and please do write down your thoughts or questions on the comment section!

Yours truly!



Best weight loss pills for women-What are the best ingredients?


Alright let us talk about best weight loss pills for women, of course if you’re here you’re looking for proven ingredients that increase your metabolism and help you lose those extra couple of pounds easier. The best weight loss pills for women are the ones that target the stubborn fat (for example belly fat) more than others through increased metabolism and also other methods. These substances help stimulate fat burning and also adding some energy to your daily life.

Here it goes:

1. Garcinia cambogiaGarcinia weight loss

Garcinia cambogia is a south-east Asian fruit and its extract is used in weight loss pills. The extract comes from the peel of the fruit and it contains high levels of hydroxycitric acid (HCL). HCL is an active substance that helps weight loss. It reduces appetite and may block fat to reduce fat production and reduce belly fat.

In a study people took 2800 mg of Garcinia for 8 weeks and drastically improved several risk factors for disease:

    • Total cholesterol levels: 6.3% lower
    • Bad” LDL cholesterol levels: 12.3% lower
    • “Good” HDL cholesterol levels: 10.7% higher
    • Blood triglycerides: 8.6% lower
    • Fat metabolites: 125–258% more excreted in the urine

2.Caffeine:caffeine weight loss

Caffeine which is found in coffee and also weight loss pills for women and men stimulates the nervous system which sends direct signals to fat tissue to break down fat to fatty acids. During workouts, body will be burning these fatty acids.

There is a catch though! people can become tolerant to the effects of caffeine. It is recommended to take caffeine on and off for long term periods of consumption. Have detox periods for example a week of no caffeine intake.


Orlistat blocks the enzymes that break fat in the body. The undigested fat doesn’t get absorbed in the body and it gets flushed out of the body with your stool.

4. L carnitine:

We typically have carnitine in our bodies. Carnitine plays a role as transporting fatty acids to the cells. This product is vastly used in good weight loss pills for women because of its energy gaining effect. Carnitine moves fatty acids which are energy packets to cells mitochondria.

Plus the weight loss benefits, it helps the brain function as well by reversing the decline in brain function associated with Alzheimer and also protection of brains from cell damage.

5. Green coffee extract:green coffee beans for weight loss

Green coffee extract is an extract coming from coffee beans that not roasted. It contains chlorogenic acids that has antioxidants effects and also is found in weight loss pills for women and men and It has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body

In a clinical study, 400 mg of green coffee bean extract resulted in a 32% lower blood glucose levels in post-meal glucose spike. Regulating levels of blood sugar is important in a weight loss diet.

6. Cocoa seed extract:cocoa seed extract for weight loss

Cocoa seed extract has two ingredients: Theobromine and Polyphenol.

The combination of these two has these effects:

  • Lowered blood pressure, helping the circulation and relaxing the nervousness.
  • Inhibition of fat accumulation and increased body fat metabolism.
  • Raise of serotonin hormones in the body which controls appetite.

7. Black pepper extractblack pepper extract for weight loss

Yea weird right! but apparently black pepper has lots of health benefits and weight loss is one of them.

Black pepper contains piperine that enhances body fat metabolism. Black pepper extract is widely found in weight loss pills for women.

though there are other ways of taking black pepper in your daily diet for example black pepper oil, tea or just consuming it directly(if you can take the heat!).

Black pepper also contains vitamins, minerals, healthy fats and fiber which are important in healthy diets.

So what now?Fit ones

Well, this was a short description of substances you can find in some of the best weight loss pills for women.

All these substances are quite sufficient when they are combined with a great weight loss diet and a dedicated and well-built exercise plan. It is important to know that first comes you, your dedication, your time and energy to build a great lifestyle that gets you to your goal, whether it is weight loss or keeping your body simply in shape.

Weight loss pills that contain substances mentioned above are good simulators for your daily levels of energy and focus.

I highly appreciate that you put the time and energy to read through this post and I wish you good luck on your journey to a body that you desire.

Feel free to comment your questions on the comment section!

yours truly!



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